Painter Rex appears in BLSEA Crystal Trade (plus unit review)

After a year of same units appearing in Bloodline SEA crystal trade, they finally released new heroes for sale.

Last week we got an app update adding heroes like Huntress, Airi, Rex and so forth in crystal trade while Blood Paladin and Hunter be available in guildshop. They first put up a 3* Holy Huntress in crystal trade available for one week, now it is Painter Rex’s turn.

Let’s take a look on 5* unit Old Master Rex.

Name: Old Master Rex

Star: 5/5

Element: Thunder

Job: Sorcerer

Cost: 13

Pre-evolve forms: Painter Rex (3*), Artist Rex (4*)

Attack type: AOE

Ulti skill: Prankster’s Pen III – Paintsa thousand swords to attack the entire enemy squad, dealing minor Thunder damage.

Talent: Daystar  III – Boosts Elder Last’s attack when he’s in the squad with Rex, and the whole squad’s ULT Skill damage by 15%.

Leader skill: Painter of the Fall III – Earth and Thunder Squad members deal 30% more damage.

Fate: The Grand Horror – Paints terrifying illustrations, scaring the enemy squad into losing 75% of their Fury gain.

Preferred Jc: Wizard

Preferred POT: Atk

Fate Links: Shin, Last, Lilo.I

Can be obtained from: Crystal Trade, Summon Pool

Another thunder sorcerer!

He had been in the summon pool around January if I recall correctly, and summon rate not really good. Sad life.

Rex’s lead skills are beneficial for Earth and Thunder units in one squad, if anyone runs that squad composition. Pretty much like Uygur’s lead skills both giving boost to Water and Fire units. But definitely, Rex isn’t good to use as leader for mono thunder or mono earth, unless you don’t have Roy or Dawn as it boosts 50% damage for its respective mono squads.

As for his talent, it’s a great news for Last users. 15% additional attack helps a lot, and 15% more ulti damage for the entire squad is quite good. It will also complements a sorcerer squad lead by Earth priest Ina.

His fate is useful especially during guild wars. 75% fury reduction against aoe casters can delay the ulti attack hence a chance to kill the enemy squad before it launch its ulti.

Take for example a Rex squad facing Ruthtria squad. Ruth’s talent is to gain 20 fury at start of round. With Rex’s fury reduction fate, Ruth’s squad would get 5 fury instead of 20.  Not bad.

I daresay Roy is still my favourite Thunder sorcerer over Rex (I realised their name both mean king) but who knows, he might overtake Roy one day.

For more information about Rex, visit BloodLine SEA Wikia.


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