Redemption Paladin on board



New unit released: Redemption Paladin.

For 150 USD worth of top up.

Those who in need of Blood Paladin will definitely benefit from this, but BP is already available in Guild Shop. Great.

I need those demon bloods and fate coins though.

Speaking of Paladin, is it just me or some other new units will get renamed with Paladin as their surname, because I’ve known this new unit as Revival Angel… maybe Paladin is the new trend in naming a character.

I’ve seen some videos in Youtube with RP in their team and it’s quite amazing how she resurrect one dead unit upon casting her ulti.

100 Fury during  first ULT, but healing drops by 25% thereafter… I wonder how many percent of HP can she heal then.

She might be on Summon Pool today, 12PM GMt+8, so good luck to all the summoners.


Warlock Otaki in CT. Go grab him.


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