Daisy summon rate gone bad…

Many players had been raging over the poor summon rate up for Daisy. The summon event started yesterday, 3 April, at 12 noon; around 75% of the players tried their luck with the unit.

Players did massive 10x summons and most of them complained they got no Daisy for all those tries.

According to one source, Cherry Credits/BloodLine SEA apparently answered regarding this matter and referred to the summon rate as ‘RNG-based’ and ‘out-of-control’, meaning all the outcome units from the summons are randomly generated by the game’s system and  isn’t really controlled by the game’s personnel.

Most players obtained Daisy through the reward fragments while those free-to-play players only got a very minute chance to obtain the unit.

Video credits: Minh Thįnh Huýnh

Daisy is famed for her leader skills, dramatically reducing attack, defence and recovery skills of the enemy squad. She also comes in different costumes, each obtainable for 3000 gems.

The unit is also farmable via World Boss shop for 80,000 points per 20 fragments, but the feature is yet to open in BloodLine SEA.

Daisy summon event will end tomorrow, 5 April 1159 GMT +8.



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