Ethereal Haven: The Eighth Server

This week really had me busy¡

Finally Bloodline SEA released its 8th server, Ethereal Haven, yesterday 11th of April, 1200H.

There was a rampage of new players upon the opening of the server; I registered and my ID hitted 1000+ already just in 20 minutes after release.

There are a lot of freebies for the new server players: 1,500 sta every 5 levels, 3* Lilo upon hitting level 10, 4* Lilo on level 15 (please correct me if I am wrong) 5* Recast Witch at level 20, 5* Gen at level 40, and thousands of gems, gold, and sta. They also got a quest of getting 5 4* Lilo frags every 150th quests/raids, so basically you won’t need to rush the collections for your first Lilo. Cool.

Arena is so active. You cannot last a minute without getting hit. Intense I must say.

It is the first server under Idesa division. BLSEA had divided the servers into two realms, Crimsonus and Idesa, to have power and level equality when crossserver pvp and wars are released.

Codes are also widely used in the server. You can redeem the following:

New Player Resource Pack: 58645134

(Rewards: 1x 30 day Monthly Card & 500,000 Gold)

Terms & Conditions

-This code will only work for players have never claimed a Pre-Signup rewards pack either during the first Bloodline Pre-Signup or the Bloodline: Awakening Pre-Signup.

-Veteran players who have never redeemed any pre-signup rewards packs are eligible for this reward.

Gifts of Spring Gift Code

Choose between:

Tactical Resource Pack: 45264461

(Rewards: 10,000,000 gold, 100,000 Energy & 12,000 Stamina)


Royal Assault Pack: 90400813

(Rewards: 1x 5 star Princess Kelly & 1x 5 star Purity Box)

*Choose wisely; once you enter either one of these codes, the other one won’t work! Enjoy your rewards!

**Redeem the code before 1st May 2017

Master of the Arcane Gift Code

Master of the Arcane – Daisy: 77729042

(Rewards: 10x Daisy Fragments, 300,000 Gold & 20x Destiny Coins)

Master of the Arcane – Ruthtria: 69794489

(Rewards: 10x Ruthtria Fragments, 100,000 Gold)

Master of the Arcane – Airi: 74941683

(Rewards: 30x Airi Fragments, 100,000 Gold)

*Redeem the code before 1st May 2017

CNY free 4* Huntress (Yes this still works!)  – 95544912

Free 5* heroes – click here

*Redeem before April 30

Hope this helps.



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