Master Ruthtria has descended!

Bloodline SEA had now enhanced the level up rewards a player will get for every 20 levels he raised.
Yes, every 20 levels you will get sta, gold and a free 5* hero!




When I played in the new server, I got Recast Witch at level 20. Okay I will just give a list.

  • 20 – Recast Witch
  • 40 – God Bow Gen
  • 60 – Shadow Spring
  • 80 – Twin Blade Ash
  • 100 – Heroic Dawn
  • 120 – Elder Dori
  • 140 – Elder Mitz
  • 160 – Blood Paladin
  • 180 – Elder Eunice
  • 200 – Daisy

      Don’t worry, if ever you had passed those levels you will still get those cards (for some earthlings, crystals). Say for example, you are currently on level 100. You can trust your mailbox will have the free heroes from the previous levels.

      Click here to read Master Ruthtria Evergreen’s message for you all.

      Good night.


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