About Ruthtria

Ruth/ro͞oTHn. a feeling of pity, distress, or grief.

I like Google’s definition of Ruth.

My name is Ruthtria.

I’m partially taking an executive position in the corporate world by day, and a fiery sorcerer by night.

I love eating.

And reading.

And writing.

And watching anime.

And playing.

And singing.

And drawing.

And casting spells.

And sleeping.

Everyone does.

You might guess it right, I’m a random person with a little touch of OCPD and that pretty much sum up what you can expect from this site.

Why Ruthtria?

Ruthtria is one of the characters in the Chinese manhwa Bloodline, and also one of the sought after units in its game version. She is one of my favourite characters, very powerful and cute indeed.

I feel like using her as my username as she mostly reflects my personality. Not much but I just feel like it.

What’s with this blog?

Let’s see. This is just an ordinary blog I am creating for the sake of story-telling and expressing my insight on different things. Sure, it won’t be great like other blogs are, who cares?

You might find reading about:

  • Game character reviews
  • Bloodline SEA news
  • Random stuff (Ruth’s Corner)

As for games, I am most of the time a noob but currently a mainstay of Bloodline (BOF/SS server) so don’t be surprised if my contents are mostly about that game.

All the opinions written in here are mine and it doesn’t reflect that of BloodLine staffs or by anyone. Complains and corrections are welcome, or if you want to add anything please feel free to comment it.

I hope I can provide useful information with a quirky twist of humour and bloody amount of sarcasm but yeah, I just want to share the love and magic in me.